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QQ is WeChat’s youth-focused sister social media network. Attracting more than 868 million monthly active users, with more than 652 million accessing the platform via mobile, QQ is an immensely attractive platform for brands and marketers.   QQ launched in 1999 and was one of the earliest pioneers of instant messaging and social networking in […]

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United Media Solution (UMS), New Zealand’s leading Chinese digital marketing agency, has been appointed by Aspire2 International to connect with the Chinese community, here in New Zealand and abroad.   Aspire2 International is a leading New Zealand training provider that offers international students the education and skills to succeed in work and life.     UMS will be […]

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UMS has launched a tool to help marketers aggregate and analyse their fans WeChat data to help create more effective and targeted social media marketing campaigns.


The Social Intelligence Cloud Engine (SICE) is a new tool, developed by UMS, which provides insights into user behaviours across Tencent’s entire ecosystem.

SICE enables marketers to drill down into WeChat data to better understand their fans behaviours and preferences.  Using SICE brands can acquire, aggregate, analyse and adapt their social media marketing campaigns to ensure they more accurately and precisely target consumers throughout the customer lifecycle.


Becty Yan, Deputy General Manager, UMS China, said, “It’s no longer enough for brands just to have a presence on social media. Marketers need to be actively engaging with their audience and ensuring these communications are optimised for the users’ behaviours.


“We have launched SICE to help our clients to ensure their social media marketing strategy continues to deliver strong return on investment. SICE enables us to help our clients to adapt and evolve campaigns and strategies in real time, while also providing insights into how to maintain ongoing conversations with audiences.”


Jessica Miao, Chief Executive Officer, UMS, said, “SICE helps to provide our clients with a comprehensive view of the WeChat ecosystem for the first time. This WeChat data, combined with Tencent’s big data, and a brand’s existing insights and CRM will help us create targeted end to end communications that will deliver on KPIs and drive revenues.”


Learn more about SICE in the presentation below



(left to right – Tanya Cai, Business Development Director China, Eric Yu, Business Development Manager Australia, Richard Zhu, CFO, Jessica Miao, CEO)   United Media Solution (UMS) is set to open an office in Australia in a bid to help local companies grow their brands in China. As one of the leading agencies helping international companies […]

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Businesses should ensure they have robust long-term investment strategies for Chinese social media channels if they wish to be successful, according to UMS General Manager Jessica Miao.   Miao was speaking on a panel at the South Island Lantern Business Forum in Christchurch, New Zealand, addressing the role social media can play in commercial marketing […]

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Every conversation about social media in China starts the same way. No Facebook. No YouTube. No Twitter. For many, China’s social media landscape is unfamiliar and disorientating, but what it lacks in familiarity it more than makes up for in size, scale, and opportunity. In the absence of the Facebook and Google platforms, a market […]

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Many Western marketers underestimate the power of good social media contacts in China and simply refuse to accept that persuading those Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) doesn’t come cheap. Sending a KOL a freebie product or tickets to your show’s opening won’t guarantee you any sway with them at all, in fact it may work against you. […]

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